A Tantric Food Experience Poem

Mushrooms and Halloumi

© Christopher Michaels 2012

breakfast is ended
the flavour of fried halloumi and mushrooms has me stuck in time
or is it out of time
the poached eggs were… well poached eggs
the pesto on the toast was buried under them
they were the symphony that supported the duet
the first taste of the mushrooms had me alive to my body,
just the torso
then a bite of the eggs with the toast and pesto calms me
a small nibble of the halloumi fried just right
and I am full bodied alive feet, hands, thighs and arms
I am greed and gluttony
but woofing it down fast will end it too soon
so back to the eggs and toast
then another mushroom tasting with the whole tongue
and a piece of the halloumi…
and time is slowing
each cell of my tongue is awake wondering how long it has been asleep
“is the person who did this to me available for marriage?”
the music has faded, the voices around me are dead
a galaxy inside the space of my mouth overpowering me
possessing my body
finally the last bite brings regret
I sit
a stare
hoping to somehow freeze time
a beautiful behind walks into view
a shadow of my usual response
I am lost in time and space desperate that it won’t restart
that I won’t be found
the beautiful pineapple, lemon and ginger juice warms
a universe decays, gods die
I blink and a poem writes itself
I take a drink of the juice

this was an experience I recently had…
here something for you to consider… … balancing external focus with internal focus is one of the essences of tantra… many of us are so inwardly focussed that we forget, as the poet says, to smell the roses. I once spent 3 months taking the time each day to give total undistracted sensual attention and awarenss to the preparation and eating of at least one meal a day. The aim is to use every sense with as much focus as possible. If you can share this with someone of like mind then all the better.

Deep Connect Tantra

Below and around, from the core to the surface is connection. Before and after decisions, knowing, saying and doing is connection, is mystery, is power. Behind the focal point of the self as you, as being, as feeling, as naming are the deep connections placing you here and now, courageously open to me, to her, to him, to it, in front of you/me, inside of you/me until we are we known through separateness and togetherness. I sit here in me, you sit there in you. Experiencing this in full allows you/me to reach out touching, talking, listening to we in shared knowing and feeling. Confident in trust and integrity we can be, we can evolve, we can???

After Recent Mishap I’m back

This website has been offline recently. Due to a lack of computer savvy on my part. So we are starting over. There will be new everything. We will offering new workshop format and new opportunities to explore, understand and improve your relationships, including sex, bliss.