Harnessing the power of dreams

Time for first results will vary with each individual – it could take a while. I’ve done it in 2-4 weeks.

Start a waking and sleeping diary.

Uses – before you go to sleep write a summary of your day, especially focused on emotionally important events use all your senses in the descriptions… then fill in the diary again when you wake up focusing on any experiences taste smell visuals sounds feeling… repeat after any naps and practice meditations,

Aims – to develop your imaginative capacities to visualise (in colour, line art, moving and still pictures), sound (as in music and the sound of voices), feelings (including emotions, touch and sense of space), smells and tastes both as general skills

Techniques – 1. use specific memories of friends and emotionally positive situations to developed theseĀ  multi-sensory imagination skills.

2. Use art for each sense to help develop you capacity, even if what goes on paper is not what you are happy with it’s the process of observation, listening and feel, tasting and smelling that is important. the arts are drawing, musical sound listening, massage (giving and receiving) and dance (focusing feel the movement rather than appearance), wine tasting and/or slow food cooking and eating.

3. As you are going to sleep is a good time to do the exercises mentioned here as away of starting to focus on various subjects, especially the ideas of remembering your dreams, and being conscious in them, including different important friends, focus on problems you need solutions for.

4. When you become aware in a dream then look at your hands or feet, then back at your dream.

5. In daily life practice managing your state of mind body emotions using multi-sensory imagination.

There will be a lot of personal growth from these exercises beyond giving you choices to use your dreams as a positive contribution to your life.