Sex Magic

The alchemy of Tantra, the magic of love and sex
Is the marriage of conflict and harmony, the lover and warrior,
Communing the inner and outer,
The resistance of your skin, the boundary of your being
Is the source of your sensuality, of your pleasures and pains, in all its forms
The fire of desire, desperation and fear distills the reality of you
It’s how you can give vision body
Transforming your relationships with yourself and your world
Manifesting your highest and darkest dreams
As expressions of your greatness, your power
The structure of ritual is the ground that frees inspiration
Intimacy brings reality inside you
Exploding sacred passion up your back
Leaving you boundless
The Goddess and God breathing the universe into existence

3 thoughts on “Sex Magic

  1. i would like to see the process and then if it is what i want then probably i will be joining you guys .tell me membership fees and process
    sent me a video on mail
    me for my whatsapp mail .of the same

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