Tantra as Therapy 2

Therapeutic and educational uses of Tantra and sexological bodywork.

I would say that as much as 90% of the pleasure of sex for all people is in the mind/emotions. People often don’t think this is true for men whilst most would generally agree with this proposition in women. But men, women and society cover the emotional/mental components of sex, pleasure and intimacy for men in the stereotypes and assumptions.

Almost all issues both men and women have with pleasure in sex are emotional mental.

It’s rare that problems with sex and pleasure are physical. When we understand these mental emotional structures then physical dysfunctions can be helped or at least made less significant in enjoying intimacy of all types. I have proven this by using hypnosis, energy play and other techniques (from Tantra) to talk people (all genders), without touching them, to intense orgasms that are far greater than they experienced in ordinary sex.

I have talked people (all genders), without touching them, to intense orgasms that are far greater than they experienced in ordinary sex

I will explain how I’ve done this in another post. Because it’s not really something that can be script based. It has to be specifically shaped for each individual. Suffice to say that it is all about the integration of mind & body through energetically focused imagination and memory.

The reasons people come for Tantric coaching are as varied as the people coming. Problems in your relationship with pleasure can be limited to one situation such as only in sex, and/or can be about all possible opportunities for pleasure such as not taking or allowing your self to enjoy – success in work and career, in friendship (just enjoying the simple pleasures of hanging out), simply allowing yourself to feel contentment or happiness, allowing yourself to notice when and where your life is good, sometimes you can’t even remember being happy, confident or strong, certain. Another dysfunction can be, the unexpected opposite, that the only time you feel pleasure, safety and comfort is with and through sex (sometimes people feel these without actually experiencing orgasm often or easily).

To simplify we can say that the reasons are on a spectrum from the more physical and therefore maybe about learning techniques to the more mental/emotional, which may mean attitude and perspective change. The great thing is that to help with many issues I don’t need to know what the problems are to be able to help. I can guide you through processes which you do in the privacy of your own mind without you telling me anything about them and you will massive get change.

For many issues I don’t need to know what the problems are to be able to help

Reasons people come to Tantra


  • Learning to Give and Receive Pleasure
  • Mindfulness and active mindfulness
  • Absorbing focus to enhance pleasure and control
  • Learning the power of the relationship of the Mind and body, emotions in pleasure and life.
  • Meditations that enhance both your inner life and your sensuality in daily life and sex.
  • Empowerment – when where and how to negotiate your boundaries in your relationships. Being freer, more direct and honest about your emotions and needs.
  • Pleasure mapping (a) – what sensations haven’t you explored that you’d like to find out more about? What fantasies you have that cause you shame?


  • Body awareness and sensitizing
  • Yoni mapping for Pleasure, Pain or Numbness
  • Lingam mapping for Pleasure, pain or numbness
  • Body mapping for Pleasure, pain and numbness
  • Pleasure mapping (b) – exploring what the anatomy of your pleasure? Where, how and what gives you pleasure?
  • Inability to Orgasm
  • Relief from Pelvic Pain
  • Couples Wanting to Learn how to Pleasure Their Partner
  • Premature Ejaculation / Erectile Dysfunction
  • How masturbation and fantasy effect you experience of pleasure
  • Recovering Sexual Functioning and Pleasure after Childbirth; Genital, Pelvic or Breast Surgery; Trauma
  • Accepting and Loving One’s Body, Gender and Sexuality
  • Understanding Anal Pleasure, Prostate Massage
  • Internal and External Scar Tissue Remediation

There is a third category which is about trust and how you deal with the vulnerabilities and neediness, the emotional negotiations of boundaries that arise when you become attached to others. For these you need – THE PRACTICAL MEANINGS OF SELF LOVE – in the way you live and relate day to day.

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