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About me – Hypnotherapy (and art) is my main source of income. I’ve been involved in it in one way or another for 40+ years about the same amount of time I’ve been involved with Tantra and other forms of spirituality. As you might guess I’ve explored a wide range of approaches in that time as shown in the next section. I’ve been in the fetish scene for 25 years as part of that path.

1. Underlying all my work, including the workshops, is the aim to help you grow your awareness of different states of mind body, like trance, mindfulness and meditation so you can choose to manage those states to enhance insight, pleasure and power in relationships, work and play in whatever activities are important to you. What I do can be healing if there are specific issues/problems you want to solve, but the primary aim is enhancing your life, to help you live more skilfully. I use a number of structures for insight, to ensure a whole person approach – the Chakras for the Yoga/Tantra traditions; NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapies and counselling from Western traditions; Chinese Taoist and medical system; pagan ideas of the Kabalah and ritual also have a role in my approaches.

2. The structure of the workshop is very flexible. I like to be responsive to the people involved. The basic structure will have some things in common with others workshops and activities that are unique, like: –

  • An intro to me, and to other members, this includes the rules of engagement like consent and negotiating touch and space permissions with other members including sharing soft and hard limits.
  • There will be some sensitivity explorations of presence, energy and non-touching connections, body language reading etc.
  • There will be some games exploring the connection between imagination, intention and action, through simple daily actions like standing and walking and some moves from yoga and martial arts.
  • Depending on the group and the touch permissions we may explore some elements of massage & contact dance and other movement forms.
  • We’ll also explore the power of language’s ability to affect your states of mind body with NLP and philosophy, to guide analysis, imagination, focus, attitudes and beliefs to enhance relationship and to overcome blockages and conflicts.

I hope this answers any questions regarding the intro workshop… if you have anymore please let me know


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