Free Meetup… subject Initiation

We are getting together on Thursday 17/05/12 8pm at Well Connected Cafe in Glebe, Sydney, Australia. The subject will be initiation. ALso CHeck out and join our group on facebook “Esoteric Tantra

“Hi folks, I’ve just changed the time for the get together on Thursday. We will be exploring the nature of initiation this week. Initiation means beginning but by implication also endings. Most people I guess focus on the achievements involved in being initiatied into a Magic(k) group, for example. Being a mirror of tribal initiations that take you into adulthood from childhood. This is a layered experience because you enter formally into training in order to gain the skills and experiences needed to participate in power, transformation, trust and intimacy. An example is marriage. It is a type of Tantric initiation, there are a few others but this one is the most common experience many will share. It transforms the personal experience of love, intimacy and lust into a public declaration of commitment to those feelings calling on the rituals of the culture to acknowledge the love shared and the power it can offer the participants…. it continues here…

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