Has anyone noticed that the last few days the sunrise has been 07:02am and the sunset has been 07:01pm (daylight saving time)? Literally 12 hours day and night which is what equinox is all about. I have known about equinox for my whole adult life and some. It has always been an important time for me. Some of the most important changes in my life have happened around one or other of them – March and September. This being said I haven’t actually noticed this simply observation on the news before. I think it is fascinating. Most people I talk to thinkrightly that it is trivial. ‘Rightly’, because it doesn’t have any effect on us as city-dwellers. What fascinates me is precisely that, we aren’t interested. In the past it was life and death knowing when these “solar festivals” should be, so they would know when the crops should be planted or harvested. It is the perceptual differences and how they are shaped by values and knowledge that interests me.What amazes me is that almost all people living in temperate climates, where these festivals are important, had them measured. They did this without clocks, accurate or otherwise. They allow some leeway for such things as the variability in the dates, so Christmas is the 25th because the (northern) winter Solstice takesabout 3 days to complete its turn around. The March Equinox, we are celebratingnow, was the New Year for most of Europe until relatively recently. The British were, as usual, laggards changing it to winter Solstice as late the 1750’s.

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