choosing a spiritual teacher

One Zen student says: “My teacher is incredible.
He can go days without eating.”

The second student says: “My teacher has so much
self-control he can go days without sleeping.”

The third student says: “My teacher is so wise
that he eats when he’s hungry and sleeps when
he’s tired.” heard from – Clifford Mee from Hypnosis Training Academy

my friend Penny – “be impressed by a teacher philosopher who can bring cosmic philosophy and beautiful wisdom down to a baking a loaf of bread and educating children”

You can choose teachers in a number of ways. There are the miracle workers, the charismatic speakers and storytellers, the coaches or consultants who stands back gives advice and targets for ordinary everyday situations and tells you how to get there, there are the explorers, those that stand back even further and quietly support you in finding your own way to your own solutions, and there are the lovers who simply love you as you are and given time may get through to you with the simple honest responses to who you are now based on respect and deeply connecting with you in beauty reminding you of how big you are in your ecology.

The miracle workers gives us models for power, but that model is one of the primacy of the extraordinary, and is about ecstasy, power and control.

The Charismatic speakers and storytellers are also about the special, the impressive, the outstanding.

For both of these the focus is on the teacher and almost all of them use battleground metaphors to talk about the shape of life, the universe and everything. The language will be particularly about spiritual development as self improvement, empowerment and goal orientation, modeling success.

Coaches and consultants also work with a map to take you to your goals. Without necessarily questioning whether the goals might be reasonable for you. They’ll talk about formulae, laws and rules for achieving results, invoke science to as to convince to of the righteousness of their guidance. They are not on the journey with you, they are cheering for you on the side.

The explorers will assume that you are going to change and grow that you are unique and even you don’t know all of you. You are a jungle inside. They know how to use a compass and a telescope, can test for poisons and nourishment of the plants and animals you meet, so you can discover your own path. That you will emerge as a new and exciting being. They learn from and with you and so are growing with you if not traveling with you.

Lovers will partner you on a mutually experienced journey. This relationship may or may not be sexual but must necessarily be intimate. Both of you are explorers of each other and the world of relationships, You are going to evolve together and be transformed by the shared experiences. One partner can be more experienced and be a leader in love, offering a model for loving but the focus remains shared and mutual.

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